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Treasures of Baroque Treasures of Baroque 10. feb 2017 — 23. apr 2017
Exhibition lasted 72 days

The exhibition at the National Museum in Krakow with almost 150 objects from more than two dozen institutions is the first truly comprehensive presentation of Baroque art from the territory of the present-day Slovakia not only in Poland but beyond our borders in general.

Dream × Reality Dream × Reality 20. oct 2016 — 26. feb 2017
Exhibition lasted 129 days

The era of the Slovak (War) State (1939 - 1945) is one of the most controversial periods of our modern history.



Exhibition lasted 93 days

“There has never been a time when I found it easy or hard to create. It’s because I don’t create, it’s my inner fanatic duty.” Stano Filko, 1996

François Kollar François Kollar 10. jun 2016 — 11. sep 2016
Exhibition lasted 93 days

François Kollar (1904 - 1979), a French photographer of Slovak origin, was a famous representative of the New Objectivity (Neue Sachlichkeit) movement and a significant photographer of the working world in France. At the same time he was very successful advertising and fashion photographer and portraitist.

Anton Cepka Anton Cepka 18. mar 2016 — 5. jun 2016
Exhibition lasted 79 days

Retrospective exhibition of the jewellery artist and sculptor Anton Cepka (1936) at the Slovak National Gallery loosely follows the exhibit put together in 2015 by Die Neue Sammlung - The Design Museum in Munich.

Netherlandish Painting Netherlandish Painting 19. feb 2016 — 22. may 2016
Exhibition lasted 93 days

These five hundred old European paintings represent an irreplaceable domestic collection. More than a half of them are works of Netherlandish provenience.

Preserving the World Preserving the World 16. dec 2015 — 28. feb 2016
Exhibition lasted 74 days

The exhibition deliberates over the roles of museums (depositing, preserving, treating, exhibiting, installing, etc.) in the present age of digital technology and the methods of the sensitive use of the digitizing of art in museums and galleries with respect to the preservation of the authentic aura of the original work of art. 

Martin Kollar. Exkurzia / Field Trip Martin Kollar. Exkurzia / Field Trip 29. oct 2015 — 31. jan 2016
Exhibition lasted 94 days

Another part of the SNG dramaturgical cycle dedicated to special projects of distinctive figures of the younger generation focuses on Martin Kollar (1971, Žilina), perhaps the most internationally acknowledged and awarded Slovak photographer.



Biedermeier Biedermeier 19. jun 2015 — 1. nov 2015
Exhibition lasted 135 days

The exhibition project entitled Biedermeier introduces material from the artistic period of the same name. The time segment defined by the years 1815/1820 to 1848/1860 will be represented by small practical items and furniture at the Slovak National Gallery in addition to the genres popular in those times, such as portrait, landscape, still life and genre paintings.

Reconstructions Reconstructions 8. sep 2015 — 18. oct 2015
Exhibition lasted 40 days

The current situation of the Slovak National Gallery operating in a reduced regime and - in light of the unclear date of completion of the reconstruction - in a kind of a strange timelessness, has had an impact on exhibition operations. In addition to the fact that there is no place to exhibit (simply, there is no space for larger projects in the SNG), there isn't even enough space for storing and documenting the artwork.


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