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Dear visitors, Your safety and comfort while being with us is our priority. Monitoring the current situation, we have adapted the preventive measures associated with visiting and operating the gallery. Our the events will continue to take place; however, we have had to limit their capacity to the maximum of 30 visitors. For each event, we will require a reservation with your name and contact. Your contact details will be used for the invitation purposes only. The frequency of events will be in accordance with the updated regulations. You may come and see the exhibitions at the Esterházy Palace in Bratislava in compliance with all hygiene recommendations. Thank you for being considerate and we wish you a pleasant visit.


Current exhibitions

Generation 909,76. Exhibition, Term, Interpretation Generation 909,76. Exhibition, Term, Interpretation Esterházyho palác, Bratislava
Exhibition will last 108 days

The project refers to a term established by Karol Vaculík and curators of the national gallery in the early 1960s through the large exhibition Generation 1909 - Conscience of the Epoch (1964). The title reflected the "arithmetic" average of the birth dates of the particular authors selected for the group by the curator. Their affiliation to the group was not only biographical; the curators tried to find also other common features and connections.

Architecture Zone. Touch – Explore – Create Architecture Zone. Touch – Explore – Create Esterházyho palác, Bratislava
Exhibition will last 66 days

The new educational Zone is for visitors who enjoy experimenting, creating, discovering and who want to learn more about interesting topics related to visual arts.

Group Therapy Group Therapy Schaubmarov Mlyn v Pezinku, Pezinok-Cajla
Exhibition will last 279 days

Not just randomly in Pezinok-Cajla - a place with a strong association with psychiatry, the exhibition Group Therapy would like to capture the increasing anxiety and slippery feeling of happiness that is being addressed by more and more artists nowadays. At one place, in the charismatic premises of an old mill, we concentrate works reflecting that participative inversion and community ethos, as we have been experiencing them in art and art operation of the last decades.

Amazing Art History with Professor Hamster Amazing Art History with Professor Hamster Esterházyho palác, Bratislava
Permanent exposition

The mission of the experimental expositions is to present further content along with the collections in a wider cultural context and to provide a space for cultural experiments.


Upcoming exhibitions

Oh, That Dress! Oh, That Dress!
Esterházyho palác, Bratislava
Exhibition starts in 10 days

The Slovak National Gallery will again be dressing up! In 2017 we presented a broad view of the fashion of socialist Czechoslovakia at the exhibition entitled Nech šije!/Sew Long! We noted the turbulences between fashion and ideology, we delved into the inner workings of the giants of ready-to-wear clothing, and we discovered well-hidden design studios and shops. For some visitors, this heaping dose of garments from the days behind the Iron Curtain brought back nostalgic memories of long dormant creativity; others less indulgently recalled the chafing of polyester fabric.


SNG in the media

Gay artist exposes Slovaks to homosexuality and gender equality
19. december 2019
„When she was small, she imagined what it would be like if she could lie down in a tin mould and have her body grow into the shape she wanted herself to be. It was not into the shape of her mother, a woman.“
Reconstruction of the Slovak National Gallery closer to completion
23. october 2019
„Reconstruction of the gallery will last longer and cost more than originally planned.“

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