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SNG Bratislava opens to the public SNG Bratislava opens to the public

Dear Friends, The Slovak National Gallery will reopen to the public from Thursday 2 March 2023 (inclusive). During the spring season, we will be open four days a week – Thursdays, Fridays, and weekends. To enter the gallery, you may use the central entrance in the courtyard at Rázusovo nábrežie 2, or the entrance in Riečna Street which has an automatic door. The Ex Libris bookstore at the SNG, as well as the pop-up café SVÄG TO GO, will be open to visitors on all four days. In addition to the renovated gallery spaces, you will be able to enjoy two inaugural exhibitions Prologue. 12 Colours of Reality and Take p(art)!, as well as a long-term project of works in architecture Art in the Public Space. The Esterházy Palace, which houses The Kornel and Nade Földvári Library, Amazing Art History with Professor Hamster, and the Antimuseum of J.K., will remain closed until further notice.


Current exhibitions

Take (p)art! Take (p)art! Vodné kasárne a Premostenie, Bratislava
Exhibition will last 50 days
Does art always have to be beautiful? And do I have to understand it? Male or female artist? Does it matter? Can I become part of the artwork? Am I allowed to laugh in a gallery? And why even bother to go there when everything is online already? Do works of art need titles? Is just an idea enough for it to become a piece of art? Even I could do it!
Prologue. 12 Colours of Reality Prologue. 12 Colours of Reality Vodné kasárne a Premostenie, Bratislava
Exhibition will last 281 days
We are proud to invite you to the reconstructed Slovak National Gallery! To guide you through the
new premises, we have prepared 12 unique exhibition experiences. You will have the opportunity to view works of old masters, modern art, and contemporary art in various, often surprising, interplays of relationships and dialogues. In an unconventional combination of works from different periods, we have taken a retrospective of the gallery's acquisitions over the past 30 years and showcased SNG collections in all their diversity. The magnitude of the installations will also give you a sense of the upcoming permanent exhibitions that will gradually be introduced from 2023.
Lost and Found. Expedition to the Past and Future of Schaubmar Mill  Lost and Found. Expedition to the Past and Future of Schaubmar Mill Schaubmarov Mlyn v Pezinku, Pezinok-Cajla
Exhibition will last 34 days

The exhibition Lost and Found is an oddity in the Schabmar Mill′s portfolio of titles since its main research and presentation object is the mill itself, its history, presence, and future, too. The exhibition is a jigsaw of fragments put together with the help of eyewitnesses, relatives, neighbours, historians, designers, architects, photographers...

Art in the Public Space. Fusion of art and architecture  Art in the Public Space. Fusion of art and architecture Vodné kasárne a Premostenie, Bratislava
Permanent exposition

Have you ever wondered if art can be a natural part of a building's interior, and not just a preserve of the perfect world of the exhibition hall? The reconstructed spaces of the Slovak National Gallery, with their clean lines, striking white surfaces, and unique nooks and crannies, are qualities in themselves. It is sufficient to accentuate a perfect wall or white corner with a piece of art, and a whole new experience of the space is born.



Snímka obrazovky 2022-12-03 o 8.45.52.png
After 21 years, the Slovak National Gallery (part-)opens a new gallery complex

Reconstruction of the Slovak National Gallery has reached its conclusion. The gallery will (part-)open its renovated premises to the public for the first time on Sunday 11 December 2022. Visitors on this day will enjoy a full-day programme for adults and children, two introductory exhibitions, a special project of works in architecture, and the opportunity to breathe in the unique novelty for which everyone has waited so long.

Rekostrukcia_April__NIK3533 (1).jpg
3, 2, 1... Now!

After a long and challenging reconstruction, we are finally opening the new Slovak National Gallery (SNG) in Bratislava! From 11 December 2022, you can enjoy the three opening exhibitions and the unforgettable sensation of something uniquely new, something we have all been waiting for for a very long time.

We are opening the SNG to people fleeing the war in Ukraine

At SNG, we are looking for different ways to help people fleeing the war in Ukraine by visiting our gallery, taking part in creative activities or community building. If you know Ukrainians who would find this information useful, we would be happy for you to share them.


SNG in the media

Slovak National Gallery gears up to reopen after extensive refurbishment
4. november 2022
„The Slovak National Gallery (SNG) is preparing to reopen its refurbished main site in Bratislava. After taking over the newly expanded premises from the builder, Hornex-Strabag, on October 27, it launched the reopening approval process with the construction office.“
News digest: National Gallery prepares for its big move
28. january 2022
„The Slovak National Gallery (SNG) is gearing up to move into its newly reconstructed premises on the Danube embankment in Bratislava. Construction work is expected to be completed in the summer; the plan is to open the new premises, but without exhibitions, later in the year.“

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