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News digest: National Gallery prepares for its big move, 28. january 2022
„ The Slovak National Gallery (SNG) is gearing up to move into its newly reconstructed premises on the Danube embankment in Bratislava. Construction work is expected to be completed in the summer; the plan is to open the new premises, but without exhibitions, later in the year. “
Paintings as a universal ambassador. A new art mosaic book tells the story of Slovakia, 14. december 2021
„ Foreign Minister Ivan Korčok's idea of cultural diplomacy has materialised in a book of visual art from the national gallery's collections. “
Gay artist exposes Slovaks to homosexuality and gender equality, 19. december 2019
„ When she was small, she imagined what it would be like if she could lie down in a tin mould and have her body grow into the shape she wanted herself to be. It was not into the shape of her mother, a woman. “
Reconstruction of the Slovak National Gallery closer to completion, 23. october 2019
„ Reconstruction of the gallery will last longer and cost more than originally planned. “
The suitcase reveals more than artwork, 12. july 2019
„ Katarina Curtis shares memories on relationship of her mother and Expressionist Arnold Peter Weisz-Kubínčan. “
Forgotten artist symbolically returns home, 12. july 2019
„ Expressionist Arnold Peter Weisz-Kubínčan was of European importance; he brought international thought to Slovak art. “
Bookworms get a sanctuary in the Slovak National Gallery, 4. july 2019
„ The Kornel and Naďa Földváry Library is both a traditional library as well as a piece of art. “
New ways and new path of Slovak architect Weinwurm, 3. february 2018
„ The irregular guided tour in English this time offers an insight into the innovative thinking and concept of Slovak architect Friedrich Weinwurm, known also outside the then-Czechoslovakia, a pioneer of architectural avant-garde in Slovakia. “
Famous painter Bazovský was also a photographer, 30. november 2017
„ The iconic Slovak painter Miloš Alexander Bazovský, whose many works revive the rural idylls or stylised portraits of Slovaks and Slovakia, also made numerous photographs on his travels around the country. What was once an appendix to his work has now become the core of current exhibition. “
Czech and Slovak Pavilion explores whether Soviet-era architecture is worth saving, 4. june 2016
„ Venice Architecture Biennale 2016: a bright red model of the Slovak National Gallery forms the centrepiece of the Czech and Slovak Pavilion, which questions whether the countries' Soviet-era architecture should be saved or demolished. “

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