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Denisa Lehocká

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Concept of catalogue, together with the main artistic-historical text, was prepared by the exhibition’s curators, with contributions from several other authors as well.

The catalogue contains the introduction that contextualises the work of Denisa Lehocká in the light of international context, written by Ruth Noack – a prominent art theoretician and co-founder of the Documenta 12 exhibition in Kassel.

The fundamental portion of photo-documentation of Denisa Lehocká’s work was created by Czech photographer Jiří Thýn (a finalist of the 2011 J. Chalupecký award). Czech mathematician and cognitive scientist Ivan M. Havel, the former director of the Centre for Theoretical Study in Prague, provided an individual contribution – a graph interpreting the dialogue between the exhibition’s curators and its author. 

Editors: Alexandra Kusá, Monika Mitášová
Texts: Alexandra Kusá, Monika Mitášová, Ruth Noack
Preface: Alexandra Kusá
Graphic Design: Ján Šicko
Number of Pages: 336
Binding: V 8 hardcover
Dimensions: 165 × 215 mm
Language: slovak, english
ISBN: 978-80-8059-166-3
Publication Date: 2012


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