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Interrupted Song

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This exhibition project studies the visual art of Stalin's Socialist Realism, also called Socrealism, Socreal or Sorela when art was dictated, monitored and financed by the new political garniture.

We limit this exhibition by the proclamation of the Congress of National Culture in 1948 and the legalizing consequences of the events connected with Stalin's death (1953), i.e., the outcomes of the congresses up to 1956, when Stalin's phase of Socialist Realism ended in our country and the "cult of the personality" was revealed. The Union of Fine Artists approved more liberal statutes and the art of socialism absorbed Moderna in its "axioms."

Editors: Alexandra Kusá, Pavlína Morháčová
Text: Alexandra Kusá
Graphic Design: Pavlína Morháčová
Number of Pages: 144
Binding: V4 paperback
Dimensions: 165 × 230 mm
Language: slovak, english
ISBN: 978-80-8059-169-4
Publication Date: 2012


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