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The exhibition project entitled Biedermeier introduces material from the artistic period of the same name. The time segment defined by the years 1815/1820 to 1848/1860 will be represented by small practical items and furniture at the Slovak National Gallery in addition to the genres popular in those times, such as portrait, landscape, still life and genre paintings.

The culture of Biedermeier was a significant political instrument for preserving social stability in the monarchy. The privacy and home life of families, which offered its own space for personal fulfillment, were the central phenomena. That is why we strived to complement and offer works which are oriented on the representative culture of aristocrats and burghers and which formed their civic space.

Editor: Katarína Beňová
Texts: Katarína Beňová, Jana Švantnerová (SNG); Silvia Seneši Lutherová (AFAD Bratislava)
Katalógové heslá: Lucia Almášiová, Július Barczi, Katarína Beňová, Lucia Duchoňová, Zuzana Francová, Eva Hasalová, Silvia Seneši Lutherová, Jana Švantnerová
Graphic Design: Palo Bálik
Number of Pages: 160
Binding: V4 paperback
Dimensions: 222 × 286 mm
Language: slovak, english summary
ISBN: 978-80-8059-188-5
Publication Date: 2015


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