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Delete. Art and Wiping Out

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In times of overpressure, cumulation, stratification and cluttering up (hardware) of the world not only by things, but redundant ideas and information, as if subliminally there was outlining a contrary principle – a need to de-fragmentise, “clean” the cultural disc and resist the over-production and abnormal information load in the Zen manner.

The aim of our exhibition is to concentrate and structure more meaningfully the works and contributions of authors who use gestures or procedures of liberation, clearing, absolving, elimination, reduction, erasing and separating, whitening or bleaching, “acidizing”, dissection, censoring and self-censorship, purposeful/programme absence, withdrawal, disappearance or vanishing, and who produce works created by evanescence, loss, abandonment, oblivion, or forgetting...

The term delete, which could seem narrowly defined at first sight, should be developed by the exhibition as much as possible. It should not tend to only one, let´s say metaphysical vanishing point, but show the iconographic richness and also a certain heterogeneity of this gesture, a universal bewitchment and “projectiveness” of an empty (whitened or blackened) area.

Editor, text: Petra Hanáková
Graphic Design: Ondrej Gavalda
Number of Pages: 109
Binding: V4 paperback
Dimensions: 185 × 225 mm
Language: slovak, english
ISBN: 978-80-8059-164-9
Publication Date: 2012


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