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SNG Bratislava

Concert Music of Today at the SNG 32 – Classic Malts (DVA-JA 6 / TWO 6)

10. april 2019 / 18:00
Esterházy Palace
Admission charge: 4 €

Program: Steve Reich, Giacinto Scelsi, Salvatore Sciarrino, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Igor Stravinskij and others
Performing: Ronald Šebesta, Braňo Dugovič - clarinets

Ronald Šebesta, the unconventional Slovak artist and clarinetist, will open this year's concert cycle with a solo recital featuring a  unique program of works which were composed for this instrument throughout the course of the 20th century. Compositions for solo clarinet, unaccompanied by piano, are by no means standard; European music of the past centuries preferred string and keyboard instruments for soloist projects. Thus, clarinet compositions pose a  challenge for the composer and musician, not to mention the listener. Šebesta carefully went through the not large body of compositions of this type and put together a collection of what he called "pieces tested by time," and with a nod to the world of Scotch whisky he called it Classic Malts. This project premiered in 2012 at the Convergences Festival, which was also its initiator.

The Today's Music at the SNG cycle based on the music dramaturgy of Daniel Matej is implemented by the Slovak National Gallery in cooperation with InMusic, o. z., and the ISCM - Slovak Section and VENI ensemble. This project was supported from public resources from the Fund for the Support of Art and by a financial contribution from the Musical Fund and support from SOZA (Slovak Performing and Mechanical Rights Society).



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