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Exhibition Within Cycle Collaboratorium

22. September 2017 — 26. November 2017
Galéria Ľudovíta Fullu, Ružomberok
Curator: Zuzana Gažíková

The cycle Collaboratorium presents artists through their common projects and collaborations / Mira Podmanická, Markéta Nováková, Peter Ančic, Marcel Benčík.

The display's leitmotiv is objects - vases. They have been originating in limited numbered collections since 2013, based on cooperation of designer and ceramist MARKÉTA NOVÁKOVÁ and sculptor MIRA PODMANICKÁ. Their shared outcome introduces a different approach to creation: designer's work with porcelain in combination with plastic sculptural décor. The first collection consisted of 6 vases; to this day, more than 100 vases have been created in collections titled Bio Bases 0 - 5, Bio Vases - 6 and Lilac, IN Vases, Vases Meadow. The collections have been gradually exhibited individually; however, in Ľudovít Fulla Gallery it will be the very they will be displayed all together, which would allow to see the gradual development of the collaboration, shifts in approaches and décors, etc.

The vases are, in principal, sculptural objects with a utility function. Their presentation was prepared together with photographer PETER ANČIC, who focuses on subjective documents dominated by a portrait. Objects - vases do not represent the classical product photography; for the photographer, the vases became objects of non-traditional "portrait" production.

The fourth author of the collaboration is graphic designer MARCEL BENČÍK, who has been resolving the most fitting way of presentation. In the project, he aims for the ideal form of showing the works, subtle art objects and photographs, to best demonstrate their individualised characteristics. The installation of the exhibition itself becomes an artwork.


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