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The History of Slovak Fine Art

18. December 2009 — 28. March 2010
Esterházyho palác, I.-III.poschodie, Bratislava
Curator: Zuzana Ludiková

The subject of the exhibition will comprise works of fine art that originated on this territory or were used or created for this environment abroad between the Gothic and Baroque periods ranging from the end of the 15th century to the late 17th century.

As part of its long-term program, The History of Slovak Fine Art, the SNG is preparing an exposition and popular scientific publication with the title Renaissance. It follows similar works entitled Baroque, 20th Century and Gothic. This cycle of exhibitions and publications strives to provide a comprehensive overview, a survey of fundamental knowledge and if possible, representative documentation from the history of fine art related to the historical territory and cultural links to Slovakia.


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