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Teodor Schnitzer: A Man from the Wild East

19. April 2018 — 27. May 2018
Galéria Ľudovíta Fullu, Ružomberok
Curators: Miloš Kopták, Mária Rojko, Ida Želinská

An exhibition of the works of an author who illustrated dozens of the best known books about Indians from the cult edition Stopy. Had it not been the investigative work of Miloš Kopták, Mária Rojko, and Ida Želinská from the gallery TOTO je galéria!, he would have probably remained incomprehensively forgotten.

Teodor Schnitzer studied artistic graphics and book illustration with Vincent Hložník at the Academy of Fine Arts in the years 1953 - 1959. In 1961, he started to focus on typography, graphic design, and illustration. He illustrated more than 116 books; part of them directly for publishing houses in Hungary and Romania. His most common (and most secure) domains were the so-called "low-brow" genres, adventurous stories from the Wild West in paperback pulps. He made his works meticulously: with thorough knowledge of both the human and animal body, as well as historical context. His most frequently used technique was the difficult nitro putty technique and scratched brush drawing - scratching the story directly onto the paper covered with black paint, through which he created a special effect of fullness, substance. By specific stylisation of figures he built dynamics, tension, and pulled the viewer into the story by enabling them to see the scene from an "upper" perspective.

In cooperation with TOTO je galéria!


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