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6. July 2018 — 28. October 2018
Galéria Ľudovíta Fullu, Ružomberok
Curator: Zuzana Gažíková
At the end of June 2018, fifteen works from the exposition of Ľudovít Fulla had travelled to the Slovak National Gallery, where they became part of the exhibition Filla / Fulla: Destiny of an Artist. The space freed up was offered to nine artists and designers for their author's intervention.

There formed a group of authors, diverse in age and geographically (from Bratislava, through Piešťany, Žilina, Ružomberok, Kremnica to Košice), but mainly with regard to artistic types and areas, which the particular authors represented - from painting, sculpture, photography, illustration or animation, to graphic and clothing design.

The artists were not given carte blanche; we "limited" them by the missing Fulla's works. Each of them was allocated a picture, or a group of pictures to be inspired by, or to react to in their own work. The choice was made based on a certain thematic or formal affinity, closeness, or concord of the chosen Fulla's work(s) with the character of the work of the particular artist.

From July 1 to July 4, Ľudovít Fulla Gallery was a venue of creation for several big names of the Slovak art and design. Some of them inspired themselves by his work repeatedly (Sršňová, Jób, Kudlička); however, many of them reacted to Fulla's production for the first time. For the artists, it was hopefully an interesting creative experiment; for us, this project was once more a confirmation that Fulla's work is still attractive for all generations of artists and that the options of how to deal with the message of this author and how to remind us of him over again are still numerous.

The works created during this short workshop were installed on the places of the original Fulla's pictures, the real formats of which are cast as highlighted whitened spots on the walls. The missing Fulla's pictures were reminded of in a projection, so the visitor could see the source of inspiration of the resulting works by the invited authors, which will remain in the exposition until Fulla's return in November 2018.


Pavel Choma:
Ľudovít Fulla: Suburb. 1929. Oil, canvas, 71 × 80.3 cm.
Ľudovít Fulla: Balloons. 1930. Oil, canvas, 40 × 33.5 cm.
Ľudovít Fulla: Balloons. 1930. Oil, canvas, 89.5 × 70 cm.
Ľudovít Fulla: Toys. 1930. Oil, canvas, 53.7 × 54.3 cm.
Ľudovít Fulla: Summer Morning (Flowers). 1930. Oil, canvas, 80.1 × 70.3 cm.
Ľudovít Fulla: Children by the Sea (Two Children). 1929. Oil, canvas, 70.3 × 80.2 cm.

Štefan Papčo:
Ľudovít Fulla: Balloons. 1930. Oil, canvas, 89.5 × 70 cm

Jakub Gulás:
Ľudovít Fulla: Blessing of the Cattle. 1932. Oil, canvas, 90 × 110.3 cm

Ové Pictures (Michaela Čopíková, Veronika Obertová),
Ľudovít Fulla: Song and Work. 1934 - 1935. Oil, canvas, 165 × 200.5 cm.

Ján Kudlička:
Madonna with Angels (Gingerbread Madonna). 1946. Oil, tempera, canvas, 110 × 70 cm.

Lenka Sršňová, Ondrej Jób:
Ľudovít Fulla: Jánošík on a White Horse. 1948. Oil, canvas, 165 × 110.5 cm.
Ľudovít Fulla: Slovak Bride. 1949. Oil, canvas, 150 × 100 cm.

Ján Vasilko:
Ľudovít Fulla: Still Life with a Grinder. 1958. Oil, canvas, 33.3 × 60.3 cm


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