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Anna Daučíková. Work in Progress: 7 Situations

6. December 2019 — 5. April 2020
Esterházyho palác, Bratislava
Curator: Monika Mitášová

Solo exhibition by Anna Daučíková (b. 1950 in Bratislava) presents her work as glass artist, painter, photographer, and performance and video artist. As the title implies, this is no retrospective, looking back to present finished work. The challenge is to show a selection of her complete and preserved pieces in a mutual relationship and connection with pieces she is now developing, along with others that she is yet to rework, finish, or otherwise create during the exhibition's run.

This is both an exhibition of works and a "working exhibition". It gives the public the chance to see and understand relationships among the artist's individual works in this collection (seven situations, i.e. seven arrangements in seven spaces: five „workshops", „a video cinema", and „a video laboratory"), as well as a chance to visit gallery spaces as frameworks for creation (seven situations becoming seven scenes) - where partially-developed or prepared works (work in progress) come to completion. The seven situations will potentially initiate the transformation or creation of new pieces by Anna Daučíková and her guests; new pieces will then become a permanent or ephemeral part of the seven situations. The pieces, and the entire exhibition, are dialogic work(s) in progress...

The exhibition includes works by other artists: Václav Cigler (CZ), Helena Jiskrová (NL), Jiří Thýn (CZ).

Guest artists: Jana Cviková (SK), Eva Filová (SK), Christina della Giustina (NL), Alica Koubová (CZ), Noro Lacko (SK).


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