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Into the Wild

12. May 2019 — 31. May 2020
Schaubmarov Mlyn v Pezinku, Pezinok-Cajla
Curator: Alexandra Tamásová

The exhibition Into the Wild will present works of (mostly) contemporary Slovak artists focusing on the topic of wild nature. "Nature" or "wilderness" exist as constructs of human mind by which we oppose the "civilised", i.e. human-occupied and human-shaped environment.

The display´s focal point will be the moment when a (civilised) human-individual enters the wilderness, to which s/he is coming from various reasons - but mainly in order to search for and to find the lost feeling of unity. Thus, the exhibition will eventually not talk so much about nature (which would be here even without us), but rather about people who are distancing from it, or returning to it; destroying it, or protecting it; usurping it, or submitting to it; people who fear it, blend with it, sing songs to it.


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