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Osmijanko’s Literary Graden

18. May 2019 — 7. July 2019
Galéria Ľudovíta Fullu, Ružomberok
Curator: Jozef Matuška

The exhibition entitled Osmijankova literárna záhrada / Osmijanko's Literary Garden is part of the national reading project Čítame s Osmijankom pridaj sa aj ty! (Let's Read with Osmijanko, You Can Join Us Too!) which has been implemented by the Osmijanko non-profit organization for 15 years.

This interactive, dramaturgically coherent reading room provides underaged and adult visitors space for creative and playful reading. Art objects were designed by Slovak stage designer Naďa Salbotová to pull visitors into Osmijanko's literary game. Illustrators Martina Matlovičová and Vlado Král will also be presented within this exhibition at the GĽF.

And what awaits you in Osmijanko's garden? Perennials, annuals, medicinal plants and rock garden plants, as well as rare specimens of book-flowers and unusual trees - The Fairytale Tree of Krista Bendová, the Decoder for taking away a princess's spell, Book-bearing Phantasmagoria, a Royal Eightmeter, the verse-fences of Tomáš Janovic, Miroslav Válek and Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav and the Garden Lair. This garden is endless, it runs from infinity to infinity.

Enter and sow the seeds of your readership. And we promise that reading will become a game!

This traveling project was implemented in cooperation with the Osmijanko, n.o. and the financial support of the Slovak Art Council.


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