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Amazing Art History with Professor Hamster

16. May 2019 — 4. December 2022
Esterházyho palác, 1st floor, Bratislava
Curator: Alexandra Kusá

The mission of the experimental expositions is to present further content along with the collections in a wider cultural context and to provide a space for cultural experiments.

Amazing Art History with Professor Hamster is an interactive projection dedicated to the story of art history prepared in collaboration with our Prague colleagues (concept by Ondřej Horák, execution by Ondřej Fuczik, David Kakalík and INITI). It is based on their previous activities in the Czech Republic.The projection is designed for children interested in art history, as well as for the general public with an urge to learn more about art. Telling the story of art, connected in a series of animated films about the life and work of a prominent Slovak, as well as worldwide-known visual artists of the 20th century combine learning and entertainment.

We have created an environment in which visitors can feel comfortable establishing an effortless relationship with art history through our discreet guidance. The installation is part of the SNG's long-term strategy of presenting our collections using digital technology, allowing us to share our knowledge of them more effectively.



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