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Generation 1909: Reloaded

24. April 2020 — 23. August 2020
Esterházyho palác, Bratislava
Curators: Alexandra Homoľová, Alexandra Kusá

The term was established by Karol Vaculík in the exhibition Generation 1909 - Conscience of the Epoch held in the Slovak National Gallery in 1964. The title reflected the "arithmetic" average of the dates of birth of the particular authors selected for the group by the curator. However, their belonging to the group was only seemingly conditioned biographically. The crucial thing that connected them came from their works.

Vaculík's initiative was the first successful attempt to restore and bring back to the history of art work of the generation, the production of which not truly complied with the aesthetics of the Socialistic Realism enforced until the first slackening in 1956. And thus, the Gallery created a strong generation/a term equated by Vaculík with Modernism. Today, the same institution is returning to this term to review its functionality and limits and to strengthen the cultural-historical interpretation and context of its reading.


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