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City at the Crossroad

20. February 2020 — 30. June 2020
Galéria Ľudovíta Fullu, Ružomberok

The city of Ružomberok is indeed situated at the crossroad, and its possibilities and limitations arise from this fact. A crossroad also symbolizes the point at which decisions are made; either the city will choose the path of development or the path of the status quo and stagnation.

Therefore, the exhibition, which displays the architectural and urban planning designs for selected parts of Ružomberok for the past 10 years, strives to open a discussion and initiate deliberations on the city with experts, local government and the general public on the city's potential, the needs of its users, its status, and on why the majority of designs end up in a drawer and if some of them will ever be implemented.

Expert Cooperation: Vavrinec Kendera, Pavol Šrankota, Jozef Veselovský


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