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Lost and Found. Expedition to the Past and Future of Schaubmar Mill

5. November 2022 — 28. April 2023
Schaubmarov Mlyn v Pezinku, Pezinok-Cajla
Curators: Viera Kleinová, Eva S. Kotláriková

The exhibition Lost and Found is an oddity in the Schabmar Mill′s portfolio of titles since its main research and presentation object is the mill itself, its history, presence, and future, too. The exhibition is a jigsaw of fragments put together with the help of eyewitnesses, relatives, neighbours, historians, designers, architects, photographers...

It is a record of a process through which we start spinning the mill′s broken wheel anew, search for lost stories of the mill′s objects, and let narrate authentic family photos of the Schaubmars.

We wish to mediate the memory of the place to the visitors through various formats. Significant role is given to designers′ inputs and experiments. Sylvia Jokelová perceives the mill and the known and unknown objects in it as an interface between nature and product and demonstrates her critical concept by “archaeological” exposition of authentic and “reconstructed” mill artefacts and 3D printer spitting corn grains in a paradoxical reverse process. Get by with little – this is the idea that rules the world of today. Therefore, Erika Remencová uses flour as the fundamental building element for forming her functional objects which resulted from minimalist financial costs and maximalist research. She presents her authorial recipe in a collection of souvenirs that she has designed especially for the Schaubmar Mill. The scene of Volodymyr Serhachov′s animator intervention is a particular space of the mill; will we plunge into its bowels or will we reach beyond its walls?

In the mill, we are also trying to revive the original mill wheel in cooperation with the designer Boris Belan. At the exhibition, we will offer you a glimpse of its' restoration process.

The exhibition includes authentic mill′s artefacts, photographs, films, animations, testimonies of eyewitnesses. The visitors are called for active participation. We offer them what we have found in the mill – fragments of memories, things, and stories – lost and found, which we ask them to comment, clarify, complete, accept, or pass on.

(Not only) the children visitors can have fun with a new educational box full of original playing elements and information about the mill, which was conceptually assembled by Terézia Parec. Another premiere will be a dictionary of milling with a memory card game, so you are sure to discern what is hidden behind the word “lub” or what is “pemprlica”.

The exhibition will also serve to show the first results of a long-term project of a new, reconstructed appearance of the milling exposition of the Schaubmar Mill, in which we are mapping the layered history of the mill. We scout in the rich but forgotten history of the Schaubmar family which has left an indelible mark in both Cajla and Pezinok. We are interested in the phenomenon of mill as the hub of community life in the past. And mainly in what it can mean for the people living here or visiting it today.

Exhibition concept: Viera Kleinová, Eva S. Kotláriková, Veronika Němcová, Terézia Parec
Designers: Sylvia Jokelová, Erika Remencová, Volodymyr Serhachov
Mill wheel design: Boris Belan
Exhibition graphic design: Rudolf Vychovalý
Exhibition architecture: Terézia Parec
Illustrations, animations: Lívia Suchá
Photo/video: Juraj Starovecký, Ondrej Rychnavský
Graphic design of dictionary of milling and of milling box: Ivana Palečková


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