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Take (p)art!

11. December 2022 — 14. May 2023
Vodné kasárne a Premostenie, Bratislava
Curators: Ondřej Horák, Eva S. Kotláriková
Does art always have to be beautiful? And do I have to understand it? Male or female artist? Does it matter? Can I become part of the artwork? Am I allowed to laugh in a gallery? And why even bother to go there when everything is online already? Do works of art need titles? Is just an idea enough for it to become a piece of art? Even I could do it!
If you have ever asked yourself similar questions but never had the opportunity to have them answered, now is the right moment. In the exhibition "Take (p)art!" we will try to answer your curious inquiries and open a dialogue about art's basic principles, both in the past and present. Through mutual understanding, we want to create a platform that would encourage you to visit SNG's temporary and permanent exhibitions more often, as they open along with the gallery's new building.

We reflect on our audience's most frequently asked questions and interpret them with selected works of art, mainly from the SNG collections. Some of these works will allow you to become part of the exhibition - you can enter them, leave your mark on them or use them to create your very own audiovisual projection. We have supplemented some of the exhibition's thematic areas with interactive educational installations to help you better understand the subject. They are clearly marked, so you know you are welcome to touch and interact with them.

The exhibition is an updated and adapted reinstallation of its Czech counterpart, the exhibition Why art? (Pro(č) umění?), in the curatorial concept of Ondřej Horák, which took place at Prague's Atrium na Žižkově in 2022. The exhibition's concept is based on the publication of the same name, which is behind the international educational platform "Do you have a knack for art?".

Exhibition Concept: Ondřej Horák, Eva S. Kotláriková, Barbora Tribulová
Graphic Design: David Kalika (Kakalík)
Concept of Educational Elements: Dominika Tóthová


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