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Juraj Bartoš

25. May 2010 — 30. September 2010
Zvolenský zámok, Zvolen
Curator: Aurel Hrabušický

The exhibition brings closer the work one of the most famous current photographers - documentary makers in Slovakia.

During couple of decades Juraj Bartoš took pictures at many cultural events of different kinds. He also assisted to fashion magazines, but mainly he documented situations which did not arouse sympathies during the period of 1989.

Bartoš found himself only in exteriors, mostly in the city area. He became one of the first real documentary makers - he did not take pictures of exclusively attractive situations as reporters did. He systematically dedicated himself into the collection of the photographic evidence from the selected environment, periodically repeating events. His documentation broke out into the ethnological or cultural, anthropological, comprehensive photographic testimony of the given environment and time.

He pays a special attention to the random text-based and objective huddle, which often lighten paradoxical context. However, mostly Bartoš is interested in anonymous people from the streets - as human types and specific individuals at the same time - an immediate and psychologically portrait studies of people lost in the crowd are formed in his presentation.


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