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The Hero. Twilight of the Romantic Category

22. April 2005 — 26. June 2005
Zvolenský zámok, Zvolen
Curator: Beáta Jablonská, Alexandra Kusá

The exhibition project The Hero wants to present one of the key themes (practically a category) in art history.

Basically, the exhibition is a reaction to our call for heroes. This call is actually only the personalization of the desire for an ideal model.

In addition to naming the theme, the project reflects shifts and changes within this category, which were brought into this category by our publicized present times. It tries to show that this theme is just romantic anachronism and that the ideas of heroes go beyond the present times and especially what kind of a form they are taking. By the help of a wide range of visual art works (paintings, sculptures, photographs, movies), the exhibition tries to bring closer the main theme of the two concepts - vertical (various topics) and horizontal (chronological).

The key moment of the birth of the Slovak (artistic) hero was art of the 19th century. The modernists presented a hero in the meaning of Slovak myth and in the same time as a hero of the “every day.” A specific period was presentation of a hero of the new days – the hero-builder within the art of socialistic realism, which is at the exhibition also represented.

The last group of the artworks is consisted of those works which reflect the neomodern, post-modern and contemporary hero. However, the development of the type is not just the point of the interest of the authors of the exhibition in the context of art history, but equally inspiring the social development of the type was during conceiving of the exhibitions.

Therefore chronologically gathered material is classify according to the specified themes (for example a hero and his performance, a hero and his story, a hero and his appearance). The exhibition concept is focused on the creative material of the 20th century and on all kinds of artworks (painting, sculpture and photography), in an effort to use the gallery collections.



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