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Ladislav Mednyansky from the Collections and Slovak National Gallery

1. July 2005 — 30. October 2005
Zvolenský zámok, Zvolen
Curator: Katarína Beňová

The huge interest of life-time and works of central European painter Ladislav Mednyanszky (1852-1919) prompted the Slovak National Gallery to prepare another exhibition of his works.

The painter (born on April 24th 1852 in Beckov) had really close relationship with the area of Upper Hungary of that time. Among the exhibits two genres of his work are dominated. They are primarily related to the area of Strážky and to nature of the Tatras, where Mednyanszky spent a period of his adolescence and later several creative stays. On the one hand, spontaneous nature has become the lasting theme of Mednyanszky's work.

On the other hand, the painter was interested in the man and his life hardship, which with the great concern noticed during the long term of his work. The exhibition is based on works which are the property of SNG and documents years of Mednyanszky's searching of his own artistic journey (from 1870's till 1890's).


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