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Slovak Photography 1925 – 2000

15. March 2002 — 2. June 2002
Zvolenský zámok, Zvolen
Curator: Aurel Hrabušický

The representative selection of the exhibition, which premiered at the Slovak national gallery in Bratislava (November 2001 - February 2002), presents photographic events in Slovakia in the first decades of 20th century.

During 1920's, several ideological and stylistic impacts has gradually crystallized, which more likely confronted with one another and classified as a certain art historic phenomena. From the beginning, there were mainly ideas of contemporary photographic and artistic avant-garde - direct (authentic) photos, photo of the new vision and new objectivity, partially also surrealism, which expressed more in the applied as in the authentic forms, particularly in the relationship with the strong movement of social-critical photography of 1930's. The decline of the modernistic tendencies in the constant pressure of totalitarian ideologies in the 1940's and 1950's, the exhibition presents their revival of late 1950's and during 1960's.


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