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Architecture in the Old Graphics 16th – 18th Century

16. October 2009 — 30. April 2010
Kaštieľ Strážky, Spišská Belá-Strážky
Curator: Martin Čičo

The exhibition focuses on architecture in its various positions seen and shown in the graphic media in the art works from the 16th to 18th centuries.

Approximately sixty artworks present the architecture from the theoretical treatises, through the contemporary views on architecture of the past and synchronic real architecture to the artwork of ideal, ephemeral and triumphant architecture of the Baroque period. At the same time the exhibition presents architecture not just from the views of architects and stage designers (A. Pozzo, J.B. Fischer from Erlach, G. Galli-Bibiena, J. Chamant, G.B. Piranesi), but also its "using" as a meaning of decoration and an object of showing (F.A. Danreiter, S. Kleiner and others).


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