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Czech and Slovak Glass in Exile

27. February 2008 — 11. May 2008
3. poschodie,
Esterházyho palác, Bratislava
Curator: Vladimíra Büngerová, Sylva Petrová

Czech and Slovak Glass in Exile is an updated version of the exhibition prepared in 2007 for the Moravian Gallery in Brno under the curatorship of Sylva Petrová, internationally recognised authority in the field of modern glass design, currently the Professor at the University of Sunderland (GB).

It presents the glass artworks (sculptures, objects, installations) and also applied art and design from the artists who live and work behind the borders of the Czech and/or Slovak Republics. There are 29 artists living abroad who were influenced by the traditions of Czech and Slovak glass art or they continue to develop it: V. Zbyňovský, J. Zoričák (F), L. Boyadjiev, V. Klumparová, L. Novotný , B. O'Brien, M. Pavlík, M. Rosol, P. Sís (USA), J. Adam, L. Hora, Z. and M. Kepko, P. Molnár (D), M. Vobruba, H. Falc-Vobruba (S), V. Cigler (CzR), J. Tišljar (CRO), S. Meliš, P. Tomečko, D. Tomečková-Marthová, Z. Trofimiuková (AU), J. Mykisa, A. M. Thwaites (GB), M. Svodobová-Wyckmans (B) a Z. Palová, K. Hološko, P. Illo, L. Mjartan (SR).

The architecture of the exhibition: Alexandra Kusá
Design cooperation: Academical Painter Rostislav Vaněk


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