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111 Works of Art from the SNG Collection

27. June 2008 — 5. October 2008
3. poschodie,
Esterházyho palác, Bratislava
Curator: Dušan Buran, Katarína Mullerová

All national galleries - and similar institutions - need to undertake "an audit" of their collections from time to time, and show the public the real jewels aspiring to the hallmark of timeless quality. The sixtieth anniversary of the Slovak National Gallery offers an opportunity and new viewpoint of the quality of its collection - by curators of young and younger generations.

On the one hand, the selection of 111 artworks is an ironic answer to the "top ten" marketing dogma; on the other hand, such selection tries to consider the proportions of the collections and their significance which has been changing together with our understanding of old and contemporary art.


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