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Andy Warhol
The Last Return of the King of Pop Art So Far

17. May 2006 — 15. June 2006
Esterházyho palác, Átrium, Bratislava
Curator: Alexandra Kusá

Slovak National Gallery acquired a complete series of silk-screen prints of his Campbell's soup cans at the beginning of 2006.

Together with the succession of pictures of Marilyn Monroe, Campbell's soup can is his icon and the essence of Pop Art. The series was created in 1968, and the portfolio consists of ten works signed by the artist, all of them registered. Although he was enthusiastic about the silk-screen printing and the distance to the work it enabled, this series bears his signature in ball-point pen.
In 1961 Warhol developed his interest in the theme of Campbell's soup cans, initially painted on canvas, and later he produced two series of silk-screen prints. Until Warhol made the "portrait" of the Campbell's soup can, an icon of Pop Art, it was only an object familiar to everyone, but it has become the work of art known to all people...


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