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The Scene of Miracles
Transformations of Baroque Altar

24. June 2005 — 28. August 2005
Vodné kasárne a premostenie, Bratislava
Curator: Katarína Kolbiarz Chmelinová

From the art-historical perspective, this altarpiece represents one of the essential commissions and memorable objects of religious art.

After the Middle Ages, the Baroque is another period, which marked the heyday of altar creation. The actual altarpieces represent a joint work consisting of several art forms creating a final piece. At the time of their origin they were understood as representative works with emphasis on a sumptuous and refined decoration. In contrast with the neighbouring countries, the art of altarpiece in Slovakia lacked sufficient attention. The creation of altars on the territory of the present Slovakia came under the influence of Vienna, in the north it drew inspiration from Poland, which mediated the stimuli from Italy and Germany. The exhibition aims at tracing the typological transformations of altars in the 17th and 18th centuries and their relationship with Central Europe. The development ranging from retables bound to the plane through a-tectonic constructions to
illusive spatial forms of the 18th century is documented in drawings, models and concrete works or their parts. At the same time the project tracing the transformations of the Baroque altar is an introduction to a series of typological exhibitions aimed at studying artistically created furniture and accessories of church interiors, such as Baroque pulpits and epitaphs.


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