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Useful Photography. Photography in Contemporary Slovak Art Useful Photography. Photography in Contemporary Slovak Art
9. nov 2018 — 17. feb 2019
Exhibition lasted 100 days

This exhibition will not present photography as a useful, fast recording medium, "a document of the period", or as an instrument of digital manipulation, but as a tool that is suitable for a wide range of use in contemporary art. In their response to the digital technology era, artists use the photo medium much more freely but in a more sophisticated way. Appropriated documented reality is constructed, arranged, staged anew, but with the use of purely photographic methods and classical approaches.

From the Academy to Nature. Forms of Landscape Painting in Central Europe 1860–1890 From the Academy to Nature. Forms of Landscape Painting in Central Europe 1860–1890
10. oct 2018 — 27. jan 2019
Exhibition lasted 110 days

The aim of this exhibition is to introduce the main centres of landscape painting instruction that influenced the depiction of nature and natural motifs. In the second half of the 19th century, following the example of the Barbizon School, approaches to the depiction of nature were relaxed. The discipline of landscape painting was gradually reformed, and also re-introduced at art academies.

Paola Ciarska: Past - Forward - Press Play Paola Ciarska: Past - Forward - Press Play Ružomberok
27. sep 2018 — 18. nov 2018
Exhibition lasted 53 days

Globe Gallery are delighted to be working in collaboration with Gallery of Ľudovíta Fullu - SNG in Ružomberok, curating Paola Ciarska's first Slovakian show. Following a visit to Gallery of Ľudovíta Fullu in November 2017 Paola has documented individual rooms in the gallery, including the private spaces within the living quarters of L'udovít Fulla. Our supported artist, Paola Ciarska, has created paintings, illustrations and prints featuring an inventory of art works, furniture and personal items from the gallery.

FILLA – FULLA: The Artist´s Fate FILLA – FULLA: The Artist´s Fate Bratislava
10. jul 2018 — 21. oct 2018
Exhibition lasted 103 days

The Slovak National Gallery is preparing an exhibition about two household names of Czech and Slovak modern art, Emil Filla (1882 - 1953) and Ľudovít Fulla (1902 - 1980), as part of the Made in Czechoslovakia project dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia.

Berger Berger Bratislava
21. jun 2018 — 30. sep 2018
Exhibition lasted 101 days

This monographic exhibition and publication project will present the work of academic painter Ján Berger (*1944) at the Slovak National Gallery for the first time. On the domestic scene, he represents the seemingly traditionalistic position of the classical medium of painting.

The Eights The Eights Bratislava
27. feb 2018 — 31. dec 2018
Exhibition lasted 307 days

The exhibition project The Eights is unconventionally conceived for the atrium as a series of small exhibitions for the anniversaries of the eights: February 1948, August 1968 and October 1918.

Architect Friedrich Weinwurm: New Path Architect Friedrich Weinwurm: New Path Bratislava
25. jan 2018 — 20. may 2018
Exhibition lasted 115 days

The exhibition remembers the work of Friedrich Weinwurm (1885 – 1942), the most significant representative of architectural avantgarde in Slovakia.



Bazovský, The Photographer Bazovský, The Photographer Bratislava
17. nov 2017 — 15. apr 2018
Exhibition lasted 149 days

The fine art of Miloš Alexander Bazovský (1899 – 1968) as one of the founders of modern Slovak painting has been introduced in many exhibitions and publications. However, Bazovský in the role of a  photographer will have his first solo exhibition on the grounds of SNG.

Master of Okoličné and Gothic Art of Spiš around 1500 Master of Okoličné and Gothic Art of Spiš around 1500 Bratislava
7. sep 2017 — 3. dec 2017
Exhibition lasted 87 days

Master of the former Marian altar from the Franciscan monastery in Okoličné near Liptovský Mikuláš belongs among the best painters of the Central European Late Gothic and he worked with other important Spiš sculptors, including Master Pavol.

Hard-Boiled School Hard-Boiled School Bratislava
20. jul 2017 — 29. oct 2017
Exhibition lasted 101 days

The Slovak school of printmaking represented by the personality and work of Albín Brunovský, has a firm position in our art history.  The exhibition entitled Drsná škola (Hard-Boiled School) is indirectly related to this tradition while also confronting it and representing the polar opposite in printmaking thinking and approach for artists who were born after 1970.


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