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The Schaubmar Mill in Pezinok

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Group Therapy Group Therapy 15. aug 2020 — 19. sep 2021
Exhibition lasted 400 days

Not just randomly in Pezinok-Cajla - a place with a strong association with psychiatry, the exhibition Group Therapy would like to capture the increasing anxiety and slippery feeling of happiness that is being addressed by more and more artists nowadays. At one place, in the charismatic premises of an old mill, we concentrate works reflecting that participative inversion and community ethos, as we have been experiencing them in art and art operation of the last decades.



Into the Wild Into the Wild 12. may 2019 — 31. may 2020
Exhibition lasted 385 days

The exhibition Into the Wild will present works of (mostly) contemporary Slovak artists focusing on the topic of wild nature. "Nature" or "wilderness" exist as constructs of human mind by which we oppose the "civilised", i.e. human-occupied and human-shaped environment.

Cosy Cosmos Cosmetics Cosy Cosmos Cosmetics 31. aug 2019 — 1. apr 2020
Exhibition lasted 214 days

The exhibition is an outcome of the authors' residency in The Schaubmar Mill in Pezinok within the exhibition project Into the Wild curated by Alexandra Tamasova. The residency was organized by the Slovak National Gallery and the works in the exhibition were materialized with financial support from the Slovak Arts Council.



Out of the (Potter’s) Wheel Out of the (Potter’s) Wheel 14. may 2018 — 21. apr 2019
Exhibition lasted 342 days

The view of the modern and contemporary Slovak ceramics set in the environment of Schaubmar's Mill in Pezinok (and not by accident) follows several themes, which in ceramics have the status of archetypes – vessels, plates, figures. These could be compulsory figures for a ceramist, but also a program, evidence of the medium's vital but also anachronistic nature.



Between Idyll and Drama Between Idyll and Drama 2. jul 2017 — 29. apr 2018
Exhibition lasted 301 days

The exhibition Between Idyll and Drama uncovers the connections between naïve and professional art and, at the same time, presents the less well-known works in the Collection of Naïve Art at SNG to the public.



Naïve Art Collection Naïve Art Collection 28. jan 2014 — 11. jun 2017
Exhibition lasted 1230 days

The naïve art collection, a special collection of the Slovak National Gallery, was established in 1965. The new exposition includes a representative selection of paintings, sculptures and drawings of particularly Slovak, but also foreign authors.



Július Považan (1926 – 2011) Július Považan (1926 – 2011) 22. jan 2016 — 31. oct 2016
Exhibition lasted 283 days

Presented art work from the collections of the Slovak National Gallery at this exhibition pays homage to the Nestor of the Slovak Naive Art for his post mortal jubilee.



Z hlbín (art brut a outsider art zo zbierok SNG) Z hlbín (art brut a outsider art zo zbierok SNG) 22. may 2014 — 28. sep 2014
Exhibition lasted 129 days

Ján Krlička – výber z tvorby Ján Krlička – výber z tvorby 22. feb 2014 — 11. may 2014
Exhibition lasted 78 days

Janko a Lacko Mocikovci Janko a Lacko Mocikovci 19. feb 2014 — 30. apr 2014
Exhibition lasted 70 days


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