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Art Data Hackathon 7. – 8. 10. 2016

Slovak National Gallery is hosting the Art Data Hackathon event on 7th and 8th October 2016. At this event, the creative teams will work on innovative projects linking art, software, and technology. It is part of Art, Collections and Data Across Borders project launched by the SNG, as a recipient of the EEA Grant in June 2016, together with a partner, the Norwegian National Museum Nasjonalmuseet.

Web developers, designers, UX experts, sound, movie or game creators and “non-competing” audiences - fans of art and technology - are all invited to the Art Data Hackathon. The event will be held in the space of 24 hours, during which the contestants will take on the task to think up a good idea and then implement it. The teams will be created so that the abilities and skills of the contestants complement each other. The non-competing parties will act as the judges - the projects will compete in three categories: the best presentation, the best prototype and the most original concept. The SNG and the Nasjonalmuseet provide the prizes, including printed reproductions and others. The event will be conducted partly in English.

Slovak National Gallery and Nasjonalmuseet Norway will provide data, mentors and media to work with, as well as drinks and snacks. A music show will close the event on Saturday - Viennese producer Cid Rim will perform at the afterparty.

Art Data Hackathon is the second event of the series hackathons organised by the SNG - the first was held in 2014 and it was attended by more than 30 competitors, who created eight teams. The winner was the project "Geometric Toy - Full" by Zdeno Hlinka - online application that transforms the work of Ľudovít Fulla into the form of geometric abstractions.

Free registration of competitors is open until 12:00 on Wednesday 5th October.

For more information and registration, visit:

Programme / Friday 7. 10. 2016

Beginning: 17:00
▪ welcome and short „lightning talks“: Alexandra Kusá, Amalia Roxana Filip, lab.SNG, Nasjonalmueet
▪ creation of the teams, brainstorming, presentation of concepts

Programme / Saturday 8. 10. 2016

Beginning: 10.00
▪ morning workshops
▪ 19:00 presentation of prototypes, voting
▪ afterparty: Cid Rim Live (LuckyMe, Affine Records/AT)


▪ Alexandra Kusá – general director of the SNG, curator
▪ Amalia Roxana Filip – visual artist
▪ Matej Fandl – programmer
▪ Nasjonalmuseet: Dag Hensteen, Magnus Bognerud, Gro Pedersen – work with data from the Nasjonalmuseet
▪ lab.SNG - Igor Rjabinin, Philo van Kemenade – work with data from the Web of Art (Web umenia)


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