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Ľudovít Fulla Gallery

Expositions and exhibitions

Paola Ciarska: Past - Forward - Press Play Paola Ciarska: Past - Forward - Press Play Galéria Ľudovíta Fullu
Exhibition will last 32 days

Globe Gallery are delighted to be working in collaboration with Gallery of Ľudovíta Fullu - SNG in Ružomberok, curating Paola Ciarska's first Slovakian show. Following a visit to Gallery of Ľudovíta Fullu in November 2017 Paola has documented individual rooms in the gallery, including the private spaces within the living quarters of L'udovít Fulla. Our supported artist, Paola Ciarska, has created paintings, illustrations and prints featuring an inventory of art works, furniture and personal items from the gallery.

Ľudovít Fulla Ľudovít Fulla Galéria Ľudovíta Fullu
Permanent exposition

The Gallery of Ľudovít Fulla in Ružomberok was built according to the design of arch. Martin Kusý Sr. in 1964 and 1965 (implementation by architect Štefan Hatala) to present and preserve works of art donated to the state by Fulla, one of the most prominent and original Slovak artists of the 20th century.

Ľudovít Fulla Tomb Ľudovít Fulla Tomb Mestský cintorín
Permanent exposition

Fulla’s tomb, located in the cemetery in Ružomberok and designed by Martin Kusý, is also under the administration of the Slovak National Gallery. Fulla himself designed the interior mosaics and Ernest Zmeták designed and created the mosaic on the floor.


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