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Ľudovít Fulla Gallery

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Karol Pichler: Once Upon a Time ... Prescriptive Situation Karol Pichler: Once Upon a Time ... Prescriptive Situation 29. nov 2018 — 16. feb 2019
Exhibition lasted 79 days

Karol Pichler graduated from MOME - Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest in 1985. In the years 1986 - 1996 he was a teacher at the Academy of Applied Art in Bratislava, but also in Reims and Rio de Janeiro.



Paola Ciarska: Past - Forward - Press Play Paola Ciarska: Past - Forward - Press Play 27. sep 2018 — 18. nov 2018
Exhibition lasted 53 days

Globe Gallery are delighted to be working in collaboration with Gallery of Ľudovíta Fullu - SNG in Ružomberok, curating Paola Ciarska's first Slovakian show. Following a visit to Gallery of Ľudovíta Fullu in November 2017 Paola has documented individual rooms in the gallery, including the private spaces within the living quarters of L'udovít Fulla. Our supported artist, Paola Ciarska, has created paintings, illustrations and prints featuring an inventory of art works, furniture and personal items from the gallery.

Fullart Fullart 6. jul 2018 — 28. oct 2018
Exhibition lasted 115 days

At the end of June 2018, fifteen works from the exposition of Ľudovít Fulla had travelled to the Slovak National Gallery, where they became part of the exhibition Filla / Fulla: Destiny of an Artist. The space freed up was offered to nine artists and designers for their author's intervention.

Ester Šimerová-Martinčeková Ester Šimerová-Martinčeková 26. jul 2018 — 23. sep 2018
Exhibition lasted 59 days

Every year during summer season (July - September), Ľudovít Fulla Gallery presents a project from the cycle Colleagues - selected works of one of the Slovak modernism classics, who was a contemporary of Ľudovít Fulla. It shows not only masterpieces of the particular artist, but possible mutual relations, "influences", and inspirations as well.

Garden Mysterie Garden Mysterie 31. may 2018 — 22. jul 2018
Exhibition lasted 52 days

Garden is a specific formation, an artificially organised country segment. It is created through human intervention and as a creative act can itself be an artwork. In fine art, it is often a theme worth of solo depiction, or an environment framing other genres.

Teodor Schnitzer: A Man from the Wild East Teodor Schnitzer: A Man from the Wild East 19. apr 2018 — 27. may 2018
Exhibition lasted 38 days

An exhibition of the works of an author who illustrated dozens of the best known books about Indians from the cult edition Stopy. Had it not been the investigative work of Miloš Kopták, Mária Rojko, and Ida Želinská from the gallery TOTO je galéria!, he would have probably remained incomprehensively forgotten.

More of Fulla (To Glass) More of Fulla (To Glass) 30. nov 2017 — 4. feb 2018
Exhibition lasted 66 days

In the second part of the cycle MORE OF FULLA, with the subtitle TO GLASS, we present six young glass artists, currently students of the Studio of Glass at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, who drew their inspiration from the work of this artist during the spring workshop[Z1] in Ľudovít Fulla Gallery in Ružomberok.



OBJECTVASE OBJECTVASE 22. sep 2017 — 26. nov 2017
Exhibition lasted 65 days

The cycle Collaboratorium presents artists through their common projects and collaborations / Mira Podmanická, Markéta Nováková, Peter Ančic, Marcel Benčík.



R. Tappert, Z. Hrušková: RESEARCH R. Tappert, Z. Hrušková: RESEARCH 18. feb 2016 — 27. mar 2016
Exhibition lasted 38 days

The photographic exhibition entitled RESEARCH is a space for a precise elaboration of reflections on private sphere.



Oľga Bajusová: A Leaf from Heaven Oľga Bajusová: A Leaf from Heaven 27. nov 2014 — 1. feb 2015
Exhibition lasted 66 days

The art work of Oľga Bajusová (1954-2012), a graduate of the legendary studio of printmaking lead by Professor Albín Brunovský  (1978 - 1984), represents the quality of the Slovak illustration art. Her water colour, subtle, precisely composed drawings prove that the artist felt closely related to the poetic of children's world.