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Strážky Mansion

Strážky Mansion

Strážky Mansion

Mednyánszkeho 25

The ownership of Strážky Mansion was transferred to the Slovak National Gallery after the death of its former owner, Baroness Margita Czóbel in 1972. The SNG subsequently carried out its reconstruction, together with the renovation of the 19th century English park, where it installed an exposition of 20th century sculptures.

The permanent expositions are situated on its exhibition premises where various musical, theatrical and educational events are also held. Permanent expositions feature the paintings of Ladislav Mednyánszky, portrait paintings from the Spiš region, collections of the historical library and the mansion furniture.


Expositions and exhibitions

17th – 19th Century Portrait Art in the Spiš Region 17th – 19th Century Portrait Art in the Spiš Region Kaštieľ Strážky
Permanent exposition

This collection of 17th - 19th century portraits in the chateau in Strážky consists mostly of works from the galleries of the chateau's previous owners (the Horváth-Stansith, Szirmay, Mednyánszky and Czóbel families, as well as the Spiš families of Csáky, Esterházy, etc).

Ladislav Mednyánszky and Mansion Strážky Ladislav Mednyánszky and Mansion Strážky Kaštieľ Strážky
Permanent exposition

Ladislav Mednyánszky (1852 - 1919) is one of the prominent representatives of Central European painting of the last third of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The mansion in Strážky is the only place in Slovakia in which a permanent exposition of his work is presented.


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