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Jewish Clients and Architects, Viennese Modernism and the Sociology of Aesthetics

17. mája 2018 / 18:00
Esterházyho palác
Vstupné: 2 €

The lecture by Dr. Elana Shapira - an art and design historian from Design History and Theory (University of Aplied Arts Vienna)

In the early 20th century Jewish patrons, journalists and designers embarked on new revolutionary aesthetic paths supporting and contributing to two modernist movements, the Secession and the school of the gentile architect Josef Hoffmann and its opposition, the school of the gentile architect Adolf Loos. In the interwar period prominent Jewish architects such as Oskar Strnad and Josef Frank further developed their own design language in order to accommodate their clients' social needs. The lecture explores different cultural and sociological aspects of the contributions of Jewish clients and architects to shaping Viennese modernism.

Lecture will be held in English language.

Foto: Facade Detail Arthur Baron, Fleischmarkt 3, 1010 Vienna (photo: Benjamin von Radon, 2018)


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